Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Application area

    1. These terms and conditions govern the legal relationship between the benX AG (hereinafter "benX") as the owner of the website and the benX registered users (hereinafter "users") of this website.

    2. Deviating terms and conditions of the user see only apply insofar as they are of benX be acknowledged in writing.

  • 2. Object of agreement

    1. BenX introduces an information and communication platform with benx.de, the users have thethe opportunity for staff and project acquisition and for self-expression is. Directly between the users signed contracts is neither benX an intermediary nor as representatives involved.

    2. The benefits of benX divided into a free basic membership.

    3. The current overview of achievements in various membership types is about benx.de available. BenX reserves the right, to the ongoing development of its service offering benX to extend, modify, reduce or partially discontinue, so far as it interests the user will not unreasonably prejudice. User claims for reduction, refunds or damages resulting from this.

    4. BenX grants users a through technical possibilities optimum availability the contents and services. BenX isentitled, for the purposes of maintenance, security or update work needs access to benX to briefly interrupt. For disorders of the availability, which are beyond thecontrol of benX can not responsibility can be accepted.

  • 3. Obligations of the user

    1. The user is required to

      • benX on and in communication with other users only trueand non-misleading information to make and to use pseudonyms;
      • its current and complete information on benX to hold todelete particular publication, once an offer is no longer valid;
      • benX exclusively on those media (one post in particularin drawing custom profile, or your own project proposals) in the context of the purpose of the benX initiation of a service, business, labor, or other employment relationship directly between the users or for substantive comments on the posts in corporate blogserve. Kind strangers publications (eg advertising) arenot permitted;
      • his credentials (username, password) confidential and do not disclose to third parties;
      • all information and data it receives from other users in the use of benX shall be treated as confidential and not to third parties to make it accessible. This obligation shall survive termination of the contract;
      • to refrain from any action that the functionality the technical infrastructure of benX damaged or impaired;
      • benX to any illegal content on and publish to any thirdparty rights hurt, especially any abusive, defamatory, pornographic, or harmful to minors to publish or otherwise infringing content to refer to such. This also applies to the commenting on contributions from the corporate blogs.

    2. The user warrants prepared by him in terms of content made to all holders publication is a necessary rights to be.

    3. benX reserves the right to require users to delete published content if this, are illegal, contrary to good morals, with the purpose and type of benX incompatible or benX the publication otherwise unreasonable is.

    4. In case of infringement by publications of the user on benX, represents the benX users from all claims of third parties. The indemnification also includes the necessary legal prosecution costs.

    5. Any reproduction, distribution, processing or any use of the data made available on benX and information for purposes other than the initiation a service, work, labor or other employment relationship exclusively is directly between the users of benX prohibited. Inadmissible, the data obtained via benX data further processed commercially, using this information or to act or to users with advertising to contact other offers, especially if the advertised / products or services offered compete with BenX. In an injury- this provision is to be decided by benX penalty of up to EUR20,000 overdue. Above any other claims of benX unaffected.

    6. Should the user violate obligations that took him to meet the provisions of this treaty, benX entitled to suspend the user account temporarily or the contract with the user without a compliance terminate period. Further claims unaffected.

  • 4. Prices and payment

    1. For the paid listings from benX apply (premium membership) at the time of their performance on existing and benx.de downloadable price lists.

    2. The charges for receiving the benefits of benX are payable beginning of each month or immediately after receipt of invoice.

    3. benX reserves the right to adjust the respective pricesprevailing before. If the price increase significantly faster than the increase in the cost of living since the last price adjustment, the user is entitled to to terminate the contract to the end of the month.

    4. The withholding of payments due or offsetting against counterclaims by the user is only permitted if this undisputed counterclaims or are legally established.

  • 5. Liability

    1. benX not liable for the accuracy, completeness or legality of information that users of the be published.

    2. benX liable, for whatever legal reason, for damages only if BenX, their legal representatives or agents grossly negligent damage or have caused the damage intentionally or the breach of a contractual obligationis due.

    3. For liability for breach of a contractual obligation, without gross benX Negligence or intent to be a burden,and in the liability for gross negligence or willful misconduct by employees who are not directors or executive employees of BenX are the liability of BenX on the typically foreseeable damage in the usually its height according to an annual usage fee not exceed limits.

    4. The liability for injury to life, limb or health and liability for an inherited warranty remain above provisions of unaffected.

  • 6. Privacy policy

    1. benX collects, processes and uses the data of the usersunder the applicable data protection laws.

    2. On the privacy statement are noted.

  • 7. Termination of contract

    1. Where no minimum contract period is agreed, the contract of the parties with a period of one month to the end of a calendar quarter be terminated.

    2. The right to extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected. An important reason is especially before when the user legal requirements are violated, their principal violates obligations under this agreement or the endangered reputation of benX considerably.

    3. After the termination benX is entitled to delete all from the user based on benX published content.

  • 8. Final provisions

    1. Changes or additions to this agreement must be in writing. This also applies to the written form. Verbal agreements do not have taken.

    2. The assignment of claims against all kinds of benX third parties. A § 354 HGB remains unaffected.

    3. benX reserves the right to change these general changing conditions of use. BenX is the user into the possibility of change and the new terms inform. The user has to this case the right to terminate the contract within 2 weeks after receipt of this information to terminate. After this period, the changeapplies by the user as approved.

    4. The applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Unless the user is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public-sector fund or any general jurisdiction in the Federal Republic Germany, informed the court at the seat of benX as exclusive jurisdiction agreement. BenX is however, entitled to the general jurisdiction to complain of the user.

    5. If any clause in whole or in part, ineffective, affect the validity of the remaining clauses and the other parts of such clauses not. The contracting parties are obliged to ineffective part of a clause by way of supplementary agreement immediately by such an agreement to that replace the the economic outcome ineffective regulation comes. When in doubt is the invalid provision by such agreement than replaced.

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